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SmartNow is the leader Real-Time Data Management Platform.


We make innovation possible. In a world where data abounds and where there is a need to create new predictive and automated processes, SmartNow helps companies of all sizes and industries adopt models of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.


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Our founders, a group of engineers who worked for renowned multinational technology companies, asked themselves a question. Is there a platform that was really born to process massive data in real time? Which software solution is really prepared to guide companies in their Machine Learning, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT and other processes? In support of professors from the Central American University of Business Administration, INCAE (a recognized Latin American university founded by Harvard), we began to develop a 100% platform designed to process massive data in real time, which will change the traditional scheme of developing projects of technology needed to update companies in the Digital Transformation that companies are living.

This is how SmartNow Platform was born, the first solution in the world designed to process massive data in real time, a platform 100% developed with the need to process high volumes of information and not the need to sell licenses of Databases or ERP. Today our solution helps from Fortune 500 companies, to startups in the development of Internet of Things projects, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fast Data and Machine Learning.


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