SmartNow Privacy


Privacy Scope

SmartNow Online Privacy applies to employees, customers, partners and visitors using our websites and portals. Below are some Privacy Policies.

Personal Information

SmartNow collect your personal information for various purposes, such as subscription, identity management, processing orders, support or in connection with a job application.

SmartNow may combine the information we collect from you with information obtained from other sources to help us improve its overall accuracy and completeness, and to help us better tailor our interactions with you.

In addition, SmartNow may also collect information relating to your use of our Portal, Websites, Support Portal, Partner Portal, Learning Portal and other customer sites, through the use of various technologies, including cookies.

Uses of Information

  • To fulfill your requests by us or by others involved in fulfillment.

  • To contact you for customer satisfaction surveys, market research or in connection with certain transactions.

  • To support products or services you have obtained from us.

  • By SmartNow and selected organizations for marketing purposes if you have permitted such use.

  • To personalize your experience while you are on our sites, make navigation easier, and for Web site usage statistics.

  • SmartNow uses robust security measures to protect information.

  • SmartNow does not share, sell, rent, or trade personally identifiable information with third parties for their promotional purposes.

Your Privacy Choices

When SmartNow collect information from you, you may tell us that you do not want it used for further marketing contact.

You may also turn off cookies in your browser.