SmartNow Big Data

Big Data Means Big Business. Big Data should be a compass that provides a guide. Data is not going to magically generate sales and customers. Data collected from machines and customers must be translated into action.

Productos SmartNow



Helps users explore large, complex data sets.


Streamlines the process of developing big data applications.


Monitors and manages big data systems for secure and optimized performance.

Real Time

Determining root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time.



SmartNow Big Data

SmartNow Big Data Platform, is a Real-Time Data Management Platform that is deployable as an on-premise or in the cloud. SmartNow Big Data Platform is best suited for performing real-time analytics, as well as deploying real-time applications.

Traditional Data Platforms has traditionally been expensive and inefficient, but SmartNow Big Data Platform has been developed and optimized for Big Data, Fast Data, Internet of Things and Analytics.

New Open-Source resources are integrated with our Platform like Hadoop,Cassandra, Mongo an Apache product, and Not Only SQL (NoSQL) databases don't require the significant upfront license costs of traditional systems, and that's making setting up an data management platform-and seeing a return on the investment (ROI)-more accessible than ever before.