SmartNow Fast Data

Gain deeper insights for rapid responses from massive event data ingestion and analytics in real-time.

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 Ability to process highly-dynamic data efficiently provides broader insight into customers and allows companies to offer differentiated services or products that were not possible before.

Customer experience

By leveraging the latest customer information- including most recent contacts across all customer touch-points, support issues, and operational data- companies can offer real-time personalized service at every customer interaction.

Operational efficiencies

 Ability to process highly-dynamic data in a rapid fashion brings advanced optimization opportunities across the business, such as in asset utilization, workforce management, or inventory management.


 Fast data expands the breadth of data analysis and delivers great predictability and visibility which enable higher quality in business operations.


SmartNow Fast Data

Business happens in real time, this is true today more than ever before because of the recent explosion in the types of data that require businesses to take action immediately: social data relevant to your customers and industry, contextual data that can tell you about the location, weather and trafic data affecting your customers, and product and supply chain data. This includes information from connected devices and sensors running your business.

Fast Data is a complimentary approach to Big Data. For managing large quantities of data in motion that helps organizations get a jump on those business-critical decisions. Fast Data is the continuous access and processing of events and data in real-time for the purposes of gaining instant awareness and instant action. Fast Data can leverage Big Data sources, but it also adds a real-time component of being able to take action on events and information before they even enter a Big Data system.

This huge amount of data is streaming constantly and never ends - and yet today's big data approaches are still focused on batch-processing, which means your reaction time is limited. Businesses wait minutes, hours, and even days to take action or gain insight from the data. SmartNow Fast Data gives you elastic processing and analytics, so you can take action and gain insight right now.

SmartNow Fast Data a managed service for elastic processing and analytics of your fast data so you can sidestep the risk of building, running, and managing it yourself and instead focus your engineering and data science expertise on creating fast data workloads that deliver business value.

IoT data, mobile phones, RFID tags, Industry PLC's, ATM's, Security Video, traffic monitoring, social data. These are just a few of the many valuable Real-Time, streaming, unstructured, Fast Data sources that too often go underused in business today. But the volumes, speeds, and scale of fast data mean you can't monetize it with off-the-shelf cloud capabilities.