SmartNow Internet of Things

SmartNow Internet of Things (IoT) Platform and Applications, connect people, things, and businesses with new business models, harness real-time intelligence, and support adaptive processes from core to edge.

Productos SmartNow


Goods and Equipment

Connect, monitor, and control a large number of customer-facing products for end-to-end visibility of product-centric operations.

Supply Networks

Manage, control, and respond to changing conditions with a digital operations response center that allows you to improve service availability.

Fixed Asset Insights

Optimize asset performance throughout the entire lifecycle, and build asset network collaboration for better service and maintenance processes.

Mobile Asset Insights

Improve operational efficiencies by collecting, mapping, storing, and analyzing vehicle sensor data in real time.


SmartNow Internet of Things

SmartNow IoT is designed to enable businesses to connect any sensor or device to any app or business process in their company and business network. Device management, IoT messaging and IoT application enablement are all part of the SmartNow offering, including data modeling, sensoring services and data science. With SmartNow IoT, anyone can connect anything to our platform and to any of our business processes.

The platform helps you process data of any kind of machine, device, sensor, or actuator – merging it with transactional business data, geospatial services, and unstructured information from social media. And with its predictive and analytics capabilities, you can take into account a variety of aspects to automate decision making, improve business operations, and react in real time.With SmartNow Data Managament Platform, there is a wide range of additional features designed to empower you to take full advantage of the IoT.