SmartNow Dashboard

Enable the development of transactional and analytical Dashboards, through composite Integration on the Glass.

Productos SmartNow


Integration on the Glass

Based on Leading Portal technologies from Liferay open source platform, SmartNow Dashboard is design to support the creation of seemly integrated dashboards from multiple backend systems like SmartNow and Transactional Systems.

Data Visualization and Descriptive Analytics

SmartNow Dashboard include a set of predefined, easy configurable set of components that can be assembled to create dashboards that facilitate data consumption and descriptive analytics

Maps and Geo-Analytics

With out of the box components for Maps, Diagrams and Geo-located data presentations, SmartNow Dashboard supports the creating of complex Geo-Analytics visualizations.

Transactional and Social Integration

Based on open, standard API and frameworks, SmartNow Dashboard support easy integration of backend systems from SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc as well as public data sources like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


SmartNow Dashboard

SmartNow Dashboard is an Integration on the Glass platform for Descriptive and Predictive Analytics side by side with integration to back-end transactional systems, Big Data Lakes and Social data sources. Based on Leading Portal technologies and best in class data visualization technologies, SmartNow Dashboards provides the capabilities to create responsive, functional and integrated dashboards for both Business Line decision makers and operations.