SmartNow Engine

SmartNow Engine is an Advanced Data Management Platform that guides you through process, analysis and discovery of your data.

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SmartNow Engine is build on the architectural principal of loosely coupled components that are assembled dynamically through declarative constructs. Such architecture enables extensibility beyond any other competitive platform.


Based on the underlying Best in Class Open technologies, SmartNow Engine is capable of scaling to support large streaming or batch data set processing scenarios with minimal overhead and processing delay. 


Built from ground up to support dynamic extensions and handle multiple use cases, the SmartNow Engine can be configure to operate on limited resource environments, like Edge Computing for IoT, up to large datacenter deployments for Real-Time Analytics and Machine Learning


Using leading edge technologies for In-Memory data stores, Big Data databases, efficient messaging technologies and best in class deployment frameworks, SmartNow Engine is the best choice to create highly distributed, efficient data processing solutions.


SmartNow Engine

SmartNow Engine is a platform that allows the processing of massive amounts of data in real-time with almost instantaneous results. This allows the application to provide active actionable insight  from customer transactions and public data sources. 

SmartNow Engine is designed to process structured data and non-structured data from relational databases, applications and other systems. It is designed to scale up to support the processing of large, complex data sets, but can also scale down to handle Edge computing IoT scenarios. Based on an open, proven architecture and best in class open source technologies, SmartNow Engine provides the extensible, scalable architecture required to develop solutions for the IoT, Big Data and Fast Data space. This unmatched level of elasticity is the foundation to the rest of the SmartNow solutions.