SmartNow IMS

SmartNow Intelligence Management Systems turns streaming data into intelligence in real time, enabling business decisions based on actionable, timely insights.

Productos SmartNow


Metadata Driven data processing and Analytics

Based on a well defined, simple metadata model, SmartNow IMS provides the ability to define declarative data aggregations and analytics based on data windows, sliding windows and segmentations.

Distributed in Memory processing

Based on leading distributed memory frameworks, SmartNow IMS ensure real-time data processing with minimal delays. Leveraging SmartNow Engine capabilities the platform ensure consistent data processing in real time.

Distributed results storage for scalable comsumption

Once data is processed in real-time in our in-memory data models, the solution is designed to persist the resulting data in relational or non-SQL data repositories, supporting scalable data consumption scenarios.

Extensible framework 

Taking advantage of the SmartNow Engine extensibility framework, SmartNow IMS can be easily extended to support new types of data aggregation, analysis and summarization with minimal coding and consistency at the metadata layer.


SmartNow IMS

SmartNow Intelligence Management System or IMS is a platform built on top of SmartNow Engine to provide easy, configurable streaming data processing capabilities. Based on the concept of View point, SmartNow IMS consumes data in flow and produces a set of aggregated or analytical views that provide insight into the flowing data sets. This approach provides the foundation for Fast Data analytics scenarios for industries with large volumes of flowing data such as Electric Utilities, Oil and Gas, Industrial Production as well as large IoT deployments.