SmartNow Mediation

Enabling real-time data mediation for the IoT and Analytics environments

Productos SmartNow



SmartNow Mediation is build on top of SmartNow Engine and inherits the platform extensibility model. Beyond the extensive built-in set of mediation nodes, additional capabilities can be added using Java, Scala or Javascript.


Based on the underlying Best in Class Open technologies, SmartNow Mediation is capable of scaling to support large streaming or batch data set mediation processes, with complex data extraction, transformation and load logic.

Big Data Ready

Built to be the Data Lake data ingestion, transformation and cleaning platform of the future, SmartNow Mediation is ready to leverage the latest technologies to handle large data lakes and maximize the business while reducing the technical complexities. 

Real-Time Optimized

In order to provide valuable insight, data mediation must be capable of processing large amount of streaming data and feed it to processing platforms and analytic engines. SmartNow Mediation is optimize to support the Fast Data mediation scenarios of today.


SmartNow Mediation

SmartNow Mediation provides the capabilities organizations require to implement Big Data Lakes, Data Warehouses or Master Data Management Operational Databases. Thanks to the extensive integration capabilities of the platform and the ability to perform efficient, highly scalable transformations, SmartNow Mediation is the best choice to support the implementation of next generation data repositories.