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SmartNow Support Services can provide extended support coverage you need for your business success. We can provide end-to-end support and guidance for you, when you need it, how you need it, and where you need it.

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“PartnerWorld is the one place I go to get access to the resources I
need to deliver the differentiated solutions my clients need to fuel
their growth...and mine.”


John McDonald, CEO, ClearObject



SmartNow Data Management Platform Services are a performance-driven, robust Big Data/Fast Data solution that uniquely includes OpenSource operations services.

SmartNow IMS

Secure and Ready Open Solutions

Get started immediately with a secure, robust solution based on the OpenSource: Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo and Spark ecosystem.


SmartNow IMS

SmartNow Operations Team

A Big Data and Fast Data operations team comes with every subscription. Free yourself from ops distractions and experience reliable high performance.

SmartNow IMS

Automatic Elasticity Events

Manage data and run event without worrying about capacity, provisioning and resizing clusters for optimal performance and cost management.